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An interfaith alliance helping children and families experiencing homelessness achieve lasting self-sufficiency.

Are you interested in serving the community as a volunteer? We’d love your help.

Below you’ll find the most recent information about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Many of you have reached out and asked how you can help during this time. Thank you! Most of our in-person volunteer opportunities are on hold for now, but there are still ways you can support our programs, here are the best ways to help:

  • Financial gifts will be used to support families in the program in areas such as  transportation, day care needs, housing support, education needs, and food:
  • Organize a diaper drive: Diapers of all sizes are needed! Wipes too!
  • Organize a food drive: Help us keep our food pantry stocked and ready for families in need. The food pantry is open to families currently in our program, graduates, and families experiencing food insecurities.  Call our Donation Coordinator at 801.961.8622 to find out immediate food needs.  Must be non-perishable.
  • Organize a hygiene drive: Hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, female hygiene products and cleaning supplies can be expensive for families already struggling to make ends meet.  Help us provide some basic needs to families both currently in our program or not.
  • School supplies: While our children are currently working through their education from home or shelter, there is still a need for school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, rulers, etc. Organize a school supply drive to ensure that all children have the best access to the tools they need to help them achieve success at school.

The outpouring of love and support from this amazing community is incredible. You have filled our families (and staff) with hope. Families have shared how relieved they are knowing that this community is here for them when they are in crisis. Thank you for the financial support, in-kind donations, prayers and words of encouragement. They are not lost on our families or FPSL team!

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Shelter Volunteer Opportunities

Stay tuned for opportunities.


We ask our volunteers to watch our short-6 minute Volunteer Training video before they begin volunteering. This training video encompasses what volunteers need to know when volunteering for Family Promise Salt Lake. If you haven’t volunteered for Family Promise Salt Lake before, please contact the Program Manager at: or (801) 961-8622

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