Our Impact

Since 1995, we’ve helped hundreds of families in need.

An interfaith alliance helping children and families experiencing homelessness achieve lasting self-sufficiency.

With Your Help Family Promise Salt Lake Makes a Lasting Impact For Families in Our Community

Homelessness is a growing concern in Utah—particularly among families. In fact, Utah saw a 17% increase in homelessness among families from 2015 to 2016.

We work with the faith community to minimize the impact of homelessness. Thanks to the generosity of donors and support from the community, we are able to help families find short-term solutions to homelessness and long-term stability for years to come.

Assistance from donors allows us to provide families with 2-3 months of rent-free housing which helps them prepare for future rent payments.

We have 9 Family Promise Housing apartments that are available to families after they complete the church program. Families sign a 1-year lease and work with our case management team to build skills needed to maintain long-term stability.

84% of the families we work with remain housed 2 years after completing our program.

  • Since 1995 we’ve served over 800 families

  • In the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year our shelter program served 32 families. Our case management program assisted 50 post-shelter families, and our housing program provided Family Promise Housing for 12 families.

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