Homelessness in Salt Lake

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Statistics for Homelessness in Utah and Throughout Salt Lake County

  • Families make up 35% of the people in Utah experiencing homelessness.
  • More than two-thirds of Utah’s homeless population is in Salt Lake County.
  • As of this 2017 study, 240 of the people experiencing homelessness in Utah were veterans. Throughout the country, veterans are more likely to experience homelessness than non-veterans.
  • Utah has a shortage of affordable housing. The average fair market rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Utah is $885 per month. Renters would need to make $17.02 per hour to afford that amount of rent, but on average renters make far less—$13.26 per hour.
  • The average fair market rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Salt Lake City is $990 per month.
  • Victims of domestic violence and people with mental illness make up the largest subsets of Utah’s homeless population.
  • The point in time study found that 961 of the people experiencing homelessness in Utah were victims of domestic violence.


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